Your shampoo

Your way

Real Herbs

Direct herbal infusion

Ultra mild

Non irritating mild surfactants

Your personal shampoo

Choose any combination

Anytime Anywhere

Just bring the tabs

No hygiene concern

Not exposure in air

Peace of mind

No unnecessary chemicals

Simple preparation

Mix and stir with

hot water



Prepare the amount

you need

Hair + skin friendly

pH level adjusted


Our Story

ShamLuLu is developd as a mother who wanted to provide the best for each of her loved family members.  But each of them have different issues. 


She wanted a solution that is flexible and adaptable to the problems face by each of them.  Moreover she do not want to use plastics bottle nor unnecessary chemicals that are harmful to the world and her family. 

This is the principle based on which ShamLuLu was developed! 

Our updates 

Will see if we can provide more info for you .....