My scalp was burnt due to the hair dye, and now my scalp is very sensitive and has itchiness.  Since used ShamLuLu, my scalp is no longer itchy.  My hair also become smoother and softer.  Good stuff!  


During the wash, my hair feel more rough than normal shampoo.  But not sure why, after a few days of usage, my hair after dried, are more smooth and soft without conditioner.  I guess we would get fooled by the smooth texture of conditioner .. Can feel the natural hair back again.


Though it’s a bit of trouble to mix for the shampoo, it did fix my dandruff problem after a couple of trials of different tablet mix. I also really like the idea of no bottles.


After using Fleeceflower root with Thuja for a week or so, my hair feel lighter and softer ….. I also do not need to use conditioner anymore.  


Comments from trials .... 

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