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Which hair oil is good?

There are generally two types of hair oils – barrier oil and absorbing oils. Which type is suitable for you?


Barrier Oils

  • usually heavy and thick oil

  • molecule size is larger and will mostly stay on top of your hair

  • act as a protective layer preventing moisture in your hair being dried up in the air

  • add shine to your hair

  • ·reduce friction for easier combing and fewer tangles

Penetrating Oils

  • small molecule size can easily penetrate hair cuticle

  • these oils are slightly positive charge and will be pulled through the hair cuticle and penetrate to the inner parts of your negatively charged hair

  • will not feel oily

  • will be absorbed without leaving a sticky film over your hair!


  • 通常是重和 濃稠

  • 分子體積較大,大部分會停留在你的頭髮上面

  • 作為一個保護層,防止頭髮中的水分在空氣中被吹乾

  • 為你的頭髮增加光澤

  • 減少摩擦,更容易梳理,減少打結


  • 分子體積較小可以很容易地穿透頭髮角質層

  • 這些油略帶正電荷,將被拉過頭髮角質層,滲透到帶負電 荷的頭髮內部

  • 不會感到油膩

  • 將會被吸收,而不會在你的頭髮上留下一層粘稠的薄膜!


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