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Is your skin dry or dehydrated?

Skin that feels dry is a common concern that affects everyone at some point in their lives.


Often, dryness is temporary and results from environmental aggressors, like extreme temperatures or being too long in steamy shower. But unless you have a naturally dry skin type, there’s a good chance that what you take to be "dry skin" is actually dehydrated skin.


Dryness and dehydration may look (and even) feel similar, but they are two very different things: Dry skin results from too little oil, while dehydrated skin is due to a lack of water. Learning how to identify the difference between them is crucial for taking proper care of your skin.


ShamLulu lotion stick is a natural oil-blend lotion. The three formulations will suit different oily to dry skin types.

Shamlulu 護膚棒是一種天然油混合的護膚產品。三種配方將適合不同的油性或乾燥類型的肌膚。

Linoleic oils are fine oils that will be absorbed by the skin. Oleic oils are heavier oils that will protect skin from moisture loss.


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