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您的護髮素中的 BTMS 是什麼?

What is BTMS in your conditioner?

BTMS is behentrimonium methosulfate, which uses behentrimonium chloride as its active agent. It is a not silicone but a chemical based hair conditioning agent. It is a highly effective and economical. That’s why it is very popular and is seen in most of the off-the-shelf conditioner brands.

BTMS 是 Behentrimonium methosulfate,它是用 Behentrimonium chloride 作為其活性物質。 它不是矽酮,而是另一種化學的頭髮護理劑。它是一種非常有效和經濟實惠的產品。

這就是為什麼它非常受歡迎, 在大多數現成的護髮素品牌中都可以看到。

However, if we look into the safety level of this ingredient, it is ranked Level 4 under EWG scale. Meaning it is of “Moderate Hazard”. It may irritate skin and cause an increased risk of cancer, nerve damage, anaemia and disintegration of the kidneys. If there are better options, why take the chance! ShamLulu conditioner if BTMS-free.

然而,如果我們研究 一下這種成分的安全等級,它在 EWG 等級中被列為 4 級。 這意味 著它屬於 「中度危險」。 它可能會刺激皮膚,導致癌症、神經損傷、貧血和腎臟解體的風險增加。

如果有更好的選擇,為什麼要冒這個險呢!? ShamLulu 護髮素不含 BTMS。


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