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Will the oils in my shampoo bar do the conditioning job?

Many shampoo bars formulation include lots of different oils. Without the presence of cleansing agents, oils do offer conditioning function for hair. But when combined with cleansing agents in the shampoo bar, the oils will first be washed away before it reaches the hair. So please do not expect your hair to benefit much from those oils.

許多洗髮水皂的配方含有多種的油。 如果沒有清潔劑的存在,油確實為頭髮提供護髮素的功能。但是當與洗髮水中的清潔劑結合使用時,油在到達頭髮之前先會被洗掉。 因此,請不要指望你的頭髮能從這些油中獲得多少好處。

Moreover, the oils in the shampoo bar will reduce the effectiveness of the cleansing agent resulting either in “dirty” hair or need to us much more to achieve the same cleaning effect. ShamLulu is a bottle-less shampoo option without the above concerns.

此外,洗髮水皂中的油會降低清潔劑的效果,導致頭髮「變髒」或需要使用更多的清潔劑來達到同樣的清潔效果。ShamLulu 是一種沒有上述顧慮的無瓶裝洗髮水選擇。


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