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Changing to silicone free conditioner

It is known that silicone is not beneficial for hair nor the environment. For people who are making a change to non-silicone products, you might be frustrated at first that your hair doesn’t feel as silky as it once did, but remember that feeling was caused by the buildup of a synthetic ingredient.


It will take around 5-8 washes for that layer of silicones to come off the hair so the nourishing ingredients in your conditioner can do their job. In addition, you may also experience more tangling than before, but brushing your hair prior to showering can help to remedy this. After the transition, these issues will subside as the naturally hydrating ingredients are able to penetrate the hair, creating a natural slip and decreasing friction.

大約需要 5-8 次洗滌,這層有機矽才會從頭髮上脫落,這樣護髮素中的護理成分才能發揮其作用。另外你也可能遇到比以前更多的糾結,但在淋浴前梳理頭髮可以幫助補 救。過渡過後,隨著天然保濕成分能夠滲透到頭髮中,創造出自然的滑度並減少摩擦,這種情況會逐漸消失。


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