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What Causes Dry Skin?

Dry skin results from a lack of oil in the skin. This is often due to genetics but can be worsened by both internal and external factors.


Human factors 人為因素 :

  1. harsh skincare products 刺激的護膚產品

  2. contact with soap, laundry detergents and solvents 與肥皂,洗滌劑和溶劑接觸

  3. excessive bathing 沐浴過多

  4. inappropriate topical agents such as alcohol 不適當的局部藥物,例如酒精

  5. frictional irritation from rough clothing or abrasives 粗糙的衣服或磨料引起的摩擦刺激

Internal factors include 內部因素包括 :

  1. medical conditions 身體狀況

  2. lifestyle 生活方式

  3. hormones 激素

  4. natural aging 自然衰老

External factors include 外部因素包括 :

  1. extreme environment 極端環境

  2. extreme hot and cold climates 極端寒冷的氣候

  3. low humidity as in desert 濕度低如沙漠

  4. excessive air conditioning 過多的空調

  5. direct heat from a fire or fan heater 明火或熱風機的直接熱力


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