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Why I don’t need conditioner when I was young?

Similar to our skin, our hair and scalp also changed overtime. As we grow older, our scalp also ages. Our hair growth and hair health are affected. Hair follicles get smaller and some people start to lose pigments cells. Hormones change also trigger a reduction in sebum production that can leave the hair feeling dryer.

我們的頭髮和頭皮與皮膚一樣,會隨著時間流逝而改變。 隨著年齡的增長,頭皮也在老化。頭髮生長和健康都受到影響。毛囊變小的同時,有些人會開始失去色素細胞。 激素的變化也會引發皮脂分泌的減少,使頭髮感覺更乾燥。

Apart from aging scalp, our hair is also affected by UV exposure, harsh commercial shampoos, chemical hair treatments, colouring, heat styling etc over years. Most of these factors are affecting both the hair strand and the scalp. That’s one of the reasons why adult needs conditioner more than our teens.

除了頭皮老化外,我們的頭髮也受到紫外線照射,苛刻的商業洗髮水,化學美髮,染髮,熱造型等多年的影響。 這些因素大多數都會影響髮絲和頭皮。 這就是為什麼成人比青少年更需要護髮素的原因之一。


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