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Skin have lotion. Scalp don’t have this option!

We all maintain our skin with lotions and creams. But this option is not really available for our scalp. Or its much more difficult to do so. The most frequent “treatment” for our scalp the most is our shampoo! As we cannot easily see our scalp, we really cannot tell if it is working well until we feel some problem. The common issues with hair and scalp would be itchiness, dryness, stickiness, dandruff etc.

我們都用乳液和面霜維護我們的皮膚。 但對於頭皮, 這種選擇並不可行。 對於頭皮,最頻繁的 「护理 」就是洗髮水!由於我們不能輕易查看頭皮,因此無法判斷它是否健康良好,直到我們感到一些問題。 頭髮和頭皮的常見問題會是發癢、乾燥、粘 稠、頭皮屑等。

As such it is really important that we choose a shampoo which is compatible with our scalp that can help to maintain or improve our scalp health. we do not want to fix it when the problems arise. ShamLulu shampoo is one of those shampoos.

因此,選擇一款與頭皮相容的洗髮水是非常重要,它可以幫助維持或改善我們的頭皮健康。我們不希望在出現問題時再才解決它。 ShamLulu 洗髮水就是這樣的洗髮水。


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