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Fine lines on face is aging?

Not necessary! Skin dehydration is often mistaken for dryness or premature aging. A lot of the time, fine lines are not due to premature aging — it’s actually dehydration.

不一定!皮膚脫水通常被誤認為是乾燥或過早衰老。很多時候,細紋並不是由於過早的衰老而引起 - 實際上是脫水。

Dehydrated skin results from excessive water loss. This can be due to a damaged skin barrier, a lack of water in the diet, or extreme weather conditions (cold, dry climates, in particular, are associated with dehydration).

水分流失過多便會導致皮膚脫水。這可能是由於皮膚屏障受損,飲食中缺乏水或極端天氣環境(尤其是寒冷,乾旱的氣候) 。

One of the most obvious signs of dehydration is a lack of elasticity in the skin: You will notice more prominent fine lines and wrinkles, and skin may appear dull or begin to sag. As such, those with dehydrated skin should follow healthy habits, like drinking water and getting sleep, which can help minimize water loss and strengthen the skin.



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