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護膚棒 vs 護膚液

Lotion bar vs liquid lotion

Traditional lotions typically have ‘water’ or ‘aqua’ as a first ingredient, and it can often make up 85% or more of the lotion recipe.

傳統護膚液通常將 “水” 或 “Aqua”作為第一種成分,並且可以構成 85%以上的成分。

So, while it helps create the thin texture and easy absorption, it means you constantly need to reapply. On average, many lotion bars can be up to 5x more concentrated than a water-based lotion.


Moreover as lotion bar do not contain water, they do not require preservatives and are shelf stable for at least 6 months. As long as you are applying your lotion bar after bath, the effect of lotion bar can be a surprise over liquid lotion.

此外,由於固體護膚棒不含水,它們不需要防腐劑,並且至少有6個月的使用期。 只要您在洗澡後的皮膚上塗抹固體護膚棒,效果與液體護膚液沒有什麼分別,反而可能感到驚訝。


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