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Is Henna better then chemical dye? Yes ... but ...

草本海娜是否比化學染髮更好?對的 ... 但是 ...

Henna is indeed a more natural dye.

Unfortunately, most of the market formulations are not pure henna. Most of them added a number of traditional hair dye chemicals to improve its performance. The Hong Kong Consumer Council tested 6 Henna hair dyes. Three contains PDD which is a cancer causing dye, the remaining three all contain heavy metal and higher than acceptable level of micro-organisms. It is not easy to get a real natural henna treatment!


不幸的是市場上的大多數配方都不是純海娜。他們中的大多數都添加了一些傳統的染髮劑化學品以提高其性能。香港消費者委員會測試了 6 種指海娜染髮劑。其中三種含有致癌染料PDD,其餘三種均含有重金屬和高於可接受水準的微生物。要得真正的天然海娜護理並不容易!


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