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Melanin – which type do you have?


Do you know that there are two main types of hair Melanin?


Your hair color is determined by the type and amount of melanin in your hair. 您的頭髮顏色取決於頭髮中黑色素的類型和數量。

Genetics play a huge role in which type of melanin you’re born with. There are two main groups of hair melanin :

• Eumelanins: give hair dark colors

• Pheomelanins: give hair light colors


• 真黑色素:賦予頭髮深色

• 褐黑素:賦予頭髮淺色

According to Healthline, different combinations of these two groups of melanin determines hair colour:

根據 Healthline 的說法,這兩組黑色素的不同組合決定了頭髮的顏色:

Hair color 頭髮顏色

​Types of melanin 黑色素的類型

Black 黑色

large amounts of eumelanin 大量真黑色素

Brown 棕色

​moderate amounts of eumelanin 適量的真黑色素

​Blond 金髮

very little eumelanin 非常少的真黑色素

Strawberry blond 草莓金髮棕色

a mixture of brown eumelanin and pheomelanin 真黑素和褐黑素的混合物

Red 紅色

mostly pheomelanin with small amounts of eumelanin 主要是褐黑素,含有少量真黑素