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Why are hair perm or colouring damaging?

Both our hair and scalp are acidic. Optimal hair care products should be hair and scalp friendly in order not to damage your hair and affect scalp health.


That is also the reason why people said that chemical treatments such as hair perm or colouring are damaging -- because they are highly alkaline. Moreover, the "no-more-tear" or neutral pH products are designed to cause less discomfort to your eyes, but they may not be the best option for hair and skin either.

這也是人們說燙髮或染髮等化學療法有害的原因——因為这些头发处理是高度鹼性的。此外,“不澀眼睛” 或 中性pH 值的產品旨在減少您的眼睛不適,但它們可能也不是頭髮和皮膚的最佳選擇。

As mentioned in our earlier post, hair care products with pH higher than your hair and scalp will swell and lift the outer layer of hair cuticle, leaving the inner hair structure vulnerable to damage. It would also increase the amount of time required for the scalp's acid mantle to restore itself. That means your scalp is more prone to dryness and infections.

正如我們之前的文貼文中提到的,pH 值高於頭髮和頭皮的護髮產品會導致頭髮角質層的外層膨脹並翻起,使頭髮內部結構容易受到損害。它還會令頭皮本身的酸膜需要時間來恢復原來的酸性狀態。這意味著您的頭皮更容易乾燥和受感染。

So check out your products before you buy.



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