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Lulu reward


  1. 01


    • 登記成為會員即可開始享受酬賓計劃

  2. 02


    • Purchase a product

      每花費 HK$1 即可取得 1 點數

    • Sign up to the site

      取得 200 點數

  3. 03


    • HK$30 credit

      300 點 = HK$30 折扣 (金額超過 HK$30 的訂單)

    • HK$40 credit

      400 點 = HK$40 折扣 (金額超過 HK$40 的訂單)

    • HK$50 credit

      500 點 = HK$50 折扣 (金額超過 HK$50 的訂單)

    • HK$20 credit

      200 點 = HK$20 折扣 (金額超過 HK$20 的訂單)

All points and coupons issued by ShamLulu, including those issued under the Lulu Reward Program, are subject to a 6 month validity for redemption or reward claim.    

The Lulu Reward Program may be changed, suspended or terminated at any time without notice. Changes may include, among other things, modifying the amount of purchases required to earn the points, changing the number of points required to redeem a reward, imposing additional restrictions, or terminating the program, including outstanding points and coupons issued. ShamLulu reserves the right to interpret the program rules and policies in its sole discretion and will be the final authority on point credits and reward qualifications.  

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