Our oil blend conditioner

​Super low build up | Natural 
Ultra safe  |  Range for your hair type
100% for your hair  

Super low build up

Oil based conditioning

Choice with a purpose

3 options for different hair and environment

100% goes to
your hair


down the drain

wet or dry


when needed


Good for both

fish and me? 

No BTMS range chemicals

Why take the risk?


Take it anywhere!

Peace of mind

No unnecessary chemicals

Our blends

Penetrating oils

  • small molecule size can easily penetrate hair cuticle 

  • these oils are slightly positive charge and will be pulled through the hair cuticle and penetrate to the inner parts of your negatively charged hair

  • will not feel oily

  • will be absorbed without leaving a sticky film over your hair!

Facial Oil

Barrier (sealing) oil 

  • usually heavy and thick oil

  • molecule size are larger and will mostly stay on top of your hair

  • act as a protective layer preventing moisture in your hair being dried up in the air

  • add shine to your hair

  • reduce friction for easier combing and fewer tangles


penetrating oil 

Our Moisturising Conditioning Balm


barrier oil

Oil will penetrate porous hair for hydration and cuticle repair.  Suitable for thin delicate porous hair.  Non-sticky light weight feel.   


penetrating oil

Our Balance
Conditioning Balm


barrier oil

Oil will penetrate hair pore while also leave a conditioning coating on cuticle.  Feel heavier than "Moisturing balm" but lighter than "Sealing balm." Mid weight feel. 


penetrating oil

Our Sealing
Conditioning Balm


barrier oil

Oil will form a barrier on hair to seal the moistrue and provide a smooth shiny coating.  Suitable for coarse and thick hair.  Heavy weight feel. 



She wants heavier hair

She actually do not need much conditioner with ShamLulu shampoo.  But she has some natural curls, so she want to add some weight and smoothness to her hair for easier management.  If she has time, she will first use MOISTURISING balm on wet hair, then apply a tiny bit of SEALING on the dried hair.  If she ran out of time, she just apply the BALANCED on dry hair.    

How it works
1.  Peel off approx 1 cm of the top part of the wax paper  

2.   Rub the balm onto your hands
Start with a few rubs first.  Only a small amount is required because 100% of the ingredient will goes to your hair.  

3.   Rub onto the hair -- wet and / or dry
Apply on wet hair -- easy to apply evenly
Apply on dry hair -- more difficult to spread out but offer more direct conditioning effect 
Apply on both wet and dry hair -- apply first on wet hair, then apply  again on dry hair after drying  

4.   Cut the box along the dotted line to make case for storage.  When needed, peel off further wax paper wrapping. 

Our conditioner range