Our shampoo 

Daily care for scalp health and age
Absorbable water based nutrient
Against dry and frizzy hair
Colour preserving 
Non-clogging | Non-irritating

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Actual herb for direct infusion

Water-based nutrient for easy absorption


Actual herb for direct infusion

Water-based nutrient for easy absorption

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Your personal shampoo

Any combination


Peace of mind

No unnecessary chemicals


Anytime Anywhere



Hair soothing 

Scalp calming

pH 5 ~ 5.5

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No build up

Oil free 


Safe hygiene

Not exposed in air

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Simple preparation

Mix with hot water

Our shampoo range

Tablet form

Easier for user to select their own choice of herbal shampoo tablet to form their personalized shampoo

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Flakes form

Can work with wider range of bottles as long as they are heat resistent.  More economical