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How it works
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1. Select your choice of herbal shampoo tablets.  Any combination -- 1 type, 2 types, 3 types ....
2. Mix the tablets with hot water for herbal infusion.  Stir until mostly dissolved.  It is ok to have some undissolved bits.  
Tip 1 : Use heat proof  and larger size container.  There may be foam generated during the process. 
Tip 2 : Add approximately 10 ml hot water for 1 tablet (See Mixing ratio table)
Tip 3 : Use a wide opening dispenser bottle for easy bottling.  We also offer wide opening heat resistant dispenser bottle in our shop.  
3. Use as normal shampoo after cooling.  As we use real powdered herb, there may be minor precipitation from time to time.  You can leave it alone or shake it.       

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