"Your shampoo Your way"

~ what does it mean ?

  • you can control the choice of herb in your shampoo

  • you can add more moisturizing herb during winter

  • you can change to oil control herb when you go for workout

  • ..... just change it as you need it 

~ how is it possible ?


Select your choice of herbal shampoo tablets


Mix the tablets with hot water for herbal infusion.


Tip 1 : Get a heat proof container.


Tip 2 : Container size should be double the shampoo volume you want to make, due to the foam generated during the mixing process.  (Example : use a 400 ml container for making 200 ml of shampoo)

Tip 3 : Add approximately 10 ml hot water for each tablet to make approximately 11 ml of shampoo.  (Example : for 10 tablets, add 100 ml hot water, make approximately 110 ml of shampoo)


Use as normal shampoo after cooling 

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