"Your shampoo Your way" 

  • SELECT any combination of shampoo tablets for your hair -- 1 kind, 2 kinds, 3 kinds or any combination
  • TRY different combinations to find the best formulation for your hair
  • MODIFY the formulation anytime if required when your hair or environment changes
  • SUGGESTED formulations from our users below: 


Ginseng + Fleeceflower root

Fleeceflower root.png


Lavender + Coconut

coconuts on white surface_edited.jpg


Ginger + Ginseng



Thuja + Coconut

Image by Irene Kredenets

How it works 

1. Select your choice of herbal shampoo tablets.  It can be any combination -- 1 type, 2 types, 3 types ....
2. Mix the tablets with hot water for herbal infusion.  Stir until mostly dissolved.  It is ok to have some undissolved bits.  


Tip 1 : Use a heat proof container. The container size should be larger the shampoo volume as there will be some foam generated during the mixing process.  


Tip 2 : Add approximately 10 ml hot water for 1 tablet 

1 tablet  +  10 ml hot water  =  approx 11 ml shampoo

10 tablets  +  100 m hot water  =  approx 110 ml shampoo

20 tablets  +  200 ml hot water  =  approx  220 ml shampoo  

Tip 3: use a wide opening dispenser bottle for easy bottling

3. Use as normal shampoo after cooling