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A shampoo bar that gets over 10,000 reviews

This shampoo bar got over 10,000 reviews on AMAZON – lets check it out!

這款洗髮水皂在亞馬遜上獲得了超過 10,000 條評論——讓我們來看看吧!

The first ingredient is “sodium coco sulfate” which is too harsh for scalp and hair. Second, it claims to be pH 5.5 ~ 6 which is still higher than the maximum acceptable level of 5.5. Third, it has lots of oils meaning its either a harsh shampoo which needs oils to reduce its irritation, or you need to use more to cleanse your hair because oils will reduce its foam and cleansing effectiveness. Moreover these oils will be washed away by the surfactant and not leave a trace on your hair …

Just on these three counts, it Is not a choice for Lulu and her family.



#ShamLulu #bottleless #shampoo #shampootablet #PlasticFree #chemicalfree #sulfatefree #customizableshampoo #hairoil #arganoil

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