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Why do I use lotion bars?


It is natural and convenient!!!!!

First, I can use it anytime anywhere ….. it is in my handbag all the time!

既天然又方便! ! ! !

第一我可以隨時隨地使用它 ......它一直在我的手袋裡!

More importantly, most of these bars use natural ingredients like oils and butters. It should be better for my skin long term and skip the chemicals. To me the main difference between liquid lotion and solid lotion bar, is the presence of water and preservatives.

更重要的是,這些護膚棒大多數都使用油和果油等天然成分。從長遠來看,它應該對我的皮膚更好,並且減小用化學劑。 對我來說,液體護膚液和固體護膚棒之間的主要區別在於水和防腐劑的存在。

If my skin is well hydrated and just dry, I can just apply the lotion bar directly. If I feel my skin need water, I just need to dampen the skin then apply the bar. The effect is the same as applying lotion. I even apply the bar as facial moisturizer. The key is to pick the right oil blend that would not clog the face pores, and it can work as nicely as most facial cream.