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Can hair oil replace chemical conditioner?


Yes and No 是和否

The main objective of conditioner is to make our hair smooth, shiny and easy to manage. Both oils and chemical conditioning agents can offer similar effect but with some differences. Oils are certainly more natural but more expensive. Though popular conditioning chemicals such as Behentrimonium Methosulfate (BTMS) or Dimethicone are more economical and quite effective, they do have some issues of concern. BTMS is rated Level 4 of 5 in EWG for allergies & immunotoxicity. Dimethicone are essentially silicone micro plastics that will pollute our ocean. Moreover, it will also result in heavy build up and weight down your hair. As such ShamLulu did not these type of ingredients in all their products.

護髮素的主要目的是使我們的頭髮光滑、有光澤且易於打理。油和化學調理劑都可以提供類似的效果,但有一些不同。油當然更天然,但更貴。雖然流行的調理化學品如 Behentrimonium Methosulfate (BTMS) 或二甲基矽油更經濟且非常有效,但它們確實存在一些令人擔憂的問題。 BTMS 的過敏和免疫毒性在 EWG 中被評為第 4 級(共 5 級)。聚二甲基矽氧烷本質上是會污染我們的海洋的有機矽微塑膠。此外,它還會導致頭髮堆積過多和增加頭髮重量。因此,ShamLulu 的的所有產品都沒有這類的成分。


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