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Daily good scalp care save time and money

A regular and workable scalp maintenance routine at home may reduce the need for weekly and costly scalp clinic visits.

ShamLulu can help you with that!

There are essentially three main processes in most scalp maintenance routine:

(1) Cleansing

Aim to remove buildups, chemicals or dead skin cells that clog the hair follicle. There are different approaches to cleansing including shampoos, vinegars, combing, scrubs etc. Any ingredient used should be mild and non-irritating. Harsh cleanser will remove the natural sebum and irritate the scalp. This will open up the scalp skin pore loosing moisture and will expedite the aging of the scalp cells.

ShamLulu is an ultra mild non-irritating shampoo which will calm your scalp and sooth your hair. It is optimal for DAILY gentle scalp and hair cleansing.

(2) Nourishing and absorbing

After proper cleansing, one will nourish the scalp skin with the desired nutrients. The nutrient for scalp should generally be water based for easy absorption. Oil based nutrients should be used with caution as it may clog scalp pores and make your hair greasy and difficult to manage.

ShamLulu added the actual herbs directly into the shampoo (not extracts). It does not clog scalp pores. The herbal nutrients are directly infused in the shampoo. These water based nutrients will be carried to every inch of your scalp through the shampoo lathering process. Therefore your whole scalp will be exposed to these nutrients during each shampoo. The herbs selected by ShamLulu include Fleece flower root, Ginger, Ginseng, Coconut and Lavender. Each of them have their benefits. You can mix and combine them to your personal requirements.

(3) Circulation

Nearly all the clinical scalp treatments have some kind of massage or other processes (may be heat or mechanical) to facilitate blood circulation. The objective is to strength the healthy growth of the follicle.

ShamLulu is a high foam level shampoo. It is easy to use it as a massage medium during shower to facilitate blood circulation while helping your follicle to absorb the water-based nutrients from the shampoo. It is better to do more mini massage yourself on a regular basis, than one intense massage once a while.

Lulu perspective

ShamLulu believe that a practical and workable daily routine at home is the best option. Costly clinical treatments often cannot be maintained for a long period of time. The best and healthiest long term strategy is certainly a workable daily routine!