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How people wash hair in the old days without shampoo?

Liquid shampoo was invented by Hans Schwarzkopf in 1927. So humans have only been using shampoo for only 94 years!

Shampoo in those days were created for the purposes of cleaning and removing the dirt and oil from hair only. It was not adapted to the characteristics of hair or scalp. With that, the shampoos at that time may not be the best choice for scalp and hair health. Rather, it often cause hair dry and frizzy.

液體洗髮水是漢斯·施瓦茨科普夫在 1927 年發明的。所以人類使用洗髮水的歷史只有 94 年! 那時的洗髮水僅用於清潔和去除頭髮上的污垢和油脂。它不適應頭髮或頭皮的特性。因此,當時的洗髮水可能不是健康頭皮和頭髮的最佳選擇。相反,它經常導致頭髮乾硬。

Before shampoo was created, people used many interesting ways to cleanse their hair. They used many food items like egg yolk, vinegar, rum, black tea ... to clean their hair. Please check out the video below .



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