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How to keep your scalp healthy?


Good scalp hygiene is crucial to prevent scalp disorder issues and ensure healthy hair growth. What you can do :

1. Massage scalp regularly during shampoo to improve blood circulation and prevent pore clogging

2. Use mild shampoo to prevent scalp drying and irritation

3. Avoid products that will build-up on hair and scalp e.g., silicone or heavy oils. DO NOT APPLY CONDITIONER TO SCALP

4. Use water-based nutrients or light oils to penetrate the thick scalp and avoid clogging


1. 洗髮時定期按摩頭皮,促進血液循環,防止毛孔堵塞

2. 使用溫和的洗髮水,以防止乾燥和刺激頭皮

3. 避免使用會在頭髮和頭皮上堆積的產品,例如矽膠或重油。不要在頭皮上塗抹護髮素



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