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Is rinsing hair with cold water useful?


It is important to keep the hair cuticle close for smooth and non-frizzy hair. If your cuticles are hot and open, they are more likely to absorb excess moisture and lose shiny finish.


Rinsing with colder water will cause cuticles to contract and keep them closed. It will help you to keep your hair from absorbing unwanted moisture, simultaneously adding shine and taming frizz.


Even if it's at the very end of your shampoo routine, run the water down your hair from roots to end before hopping out to make post-shower styling. Try it out and see if it works for you.


ShamLulu shampoo is pH 5.5 and is ultra mild. It will help close the hair cuticle offering a smooth finish.

Shamlulu洗髮水為pH 5.5,非常溫和。它將有助於關閉角質層,令頭髮表現光滑。


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