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Is sea water good or bad for your hair?

Ocean water has its good and bad.

On the GOOD side:

  • Works as a natural shampoo, striping heavy oils and excess sebum from the hair

  • Exfoliates the scalp due to the presence of particles

  • Rich in minerals and nutrients (such as magnesium, potassium and selenium) which are beneficial to your hair

  • It has anti-fungal properties may help to get rid of fungus-induced dandruff

On the BAD side:

  • Ocean water will certainly dries out hair due to the osmosis process moving water from hair to the salty sea water

  • Sea water ruins dyed hair or fades hair color. It may also making the hair rough and causing split ends and breakage



  • 可用作天然洗髮水,去除頭髮上的重油和多餘皮脂

  • 由於顆粒的存在,可以去頭皮上的角質

  • 海水含對頭髮有益的礦物質和營養素(如鎂、鉀和硒)

  • 海水具有抗真菌特性,可助擺脫真菌引起的頭皮屑


  • 由於滲透過程,頭髮的水分会從頭髮轉移到鹹海水中,这个过程肯定會使頭髮變乾

  • 海水会破壞染色的頭髮或使頭髮顏色變淡。它還可能使頭髮粗糙,並導致分叉和斷裂。

The Do's and Dont's for caring your hair in sea water.

If your hair is coloured or chemically treated, we would suggest you not to swim in sea water. As the crosslinks within the hair structure are already altered by the chemicals, salty water can worsen that condition.

Moreover, as sea water will certainly cause dehydration to your hair, we would recommend that you immediate wash your hair with fresh water to stop the dehydration. After that, apply penetrating hair oil as it would be absorbed by the hair thereby moisturising it. Avocado oil would be a good penetrating oil.




此外,由於海水肯定會導致頭髮脫水,我們建議您立即用清水清沖洗頭髮以停止脫水。之後,塗抹滲透性髮油,因為這些油它會容易被頭髮吸收從而滋潤脫水的頭髮 。鱷梨油將是一種很好的滲透油。



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