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Not all bottle-less shampoos are equal


There are two main types of shampoo bars:

Soap based – Though they are mild cleansers, nearly all are highly alkaline. They open up hair cuticle making hair brittle, and open up scalp pores losing moisture causing pre-mature scalp aging.

Surfactant based – Most use very harsh surfactants, though some are mild. Their acidity levels are normally lower than soap, but are still above pH5.5 in general. We need something lower than 5.5 to maintain the smoothness of hair and calm scalp skin pores.

Both types have difficulty incorporating water soluble (i.e., absorbable) herbal content. Their oil-based nutrient contents will mostly be washed away by the surfactant or soap without benefitting your hair and scalp.

In short, shampoo bars are not all the same. Moreover, some features of traditional liquid shampoo may not be easily replaceable by shampoo bars.



表面活性劑類 — 儘管有些是溫和的,大多數使用刺激性表面活性劑。它們的酸度水準通常低於肥皂,但總體上仍高於 pH5.5。 我們需要低於5.5的東西,以保持頭髮的光滑和平靜的頭皮毛孔。




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