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Should I choose Penetrating or Barrier hair oil?


Both, but everybody’s proportion may be different.


Like our body, our hair also needs a balance of all nutrients. Which one is good for me?

Barrier hair oil

  • heavy and thick oil

  • stay on top of your hair due to larger molecular size

  • protect and prevent hair moisture being dried up in the air

  • add shine and reduce friction for easier combing and management

Penetrating hair oils

  • penetrate hair cuticle due to smaller molecule size

  • slightly positive charge, can be pulled through to the inner parts of your negatively charged hair

  • does not feel oily on application

  • absorbed without leaving a sticky film over your hair

ShamLulu conditioner provide 3 combinations of barrier vs penetrating oil conditioner! Select the one which suits your hair type.



• 重油和稠油

• 由於其分子較大,會留在頭髮上

• 保護和防止頭髮水分流失

• 增加光澤並減少摩擦,以便於梳理和管理


• 由於較小的分子尺寸,可穿透頭髮角質層

• 略帶正電荷,可被拉到帶負電荷的頭髮內部

• 塗抹時不會感覺油膩

• 吸收後不會在頭髮上留下粘性薄膜

ShamLulu 護髮素提供 3 種護髮油與滲透性油的組合!請選擇適合您頭髮類型的一種!