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Sunlight is more damaging to light vs dark colour hair?

陽光對 淺色頭髮或 深色頭髮 傷害較大?

This is also why grey hair is often drier and more brittle


According to Nikki Goddard, a certified hairstylist with an associate degree in cosmetology, dark hair melanin “Eumelanins” protects hair against sun rays (photoprotection) and ultraviolet (UV) radiance.

Dark hair is more resistant to UV rays than light hair because of the higher photostability of dark hair “eumelanin” compared to light colour hair “pheomelanin”.

Therefore, dark hair may have a lower risk of drying out and brittleness caused by UV exposure. This is also why grey hairs often have a dry, brittle texture.

根據具有美容學副學士學位的認證髮型師 Nikki Goddard,深色頭髮的黑色素“Eumelanins”可保護頭髮免受陽光(光保護)和紫外線 (UV) 輻射。

深色頭髮比淺色頭髮更能抵抗紫外線,因為與淺色頭髮的“褐黑素”相比,深色頭髮的”真黑色素” 的光穩定性更高。



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