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Why we should not use soap to wash hair?

There is a good reason why people create shampoo for hair, rather than using traditional soap.


(1) Regular soap is not good for scalp and hair

Classic soap has a high pH (i.e. alkaline) which is problematic. The strong alkaline will swell and lift the outer layer of hair cuticle, leaving the inner hair structure vulnerable to damage. It would also increase the amount of time required for the scalp's acid mantle to restore itself. That means your scalp is more prone to dryness and infections.

(2) Soap causes scummy build up with hard water

It would then leave deposits (soap scum) on the hair in the presence of hard water. This scum is insoluable and does not rinse away, and will further dulls the hair’s natural shine, making it looks unhealthy.

(3) Soap lacks conditioning agents

Even the best modern soap bar is not very good at depositing conditioning agents on hair. Most shampoos contain some level of conditioning agents which help detangle hair and prevent snagging which can cause damage and breakage. This is less of an issue if you’re following up with a separate conditioner but it’s still something to be aware of.

So in short, please use shampoo as it is specific made for hair instead of a piece of normal soap. ShamLulu is a pH adjusted with good conditioning

(1) 普通肥皂對頭皮和頭髮不好

傳統的肥皂具有高 pH 值(即鹼性),這是有問題的。強鹼性會導致頭髮角質的外層膨脹並翻起,使內層的頭髮結構容易受到損害。它還會令頭皮本身的酸膜需要更長時間來恢復原來的酸性狀態。這意味著您的頭皮更容易乾燥和受感染。

(2) 肥皂在硬水使用會導致結垢。



即使是現代最好的肥皂,也不容易把頭髮護髮劑 “沉積” 在頭髮上。大多數洗髮水都會含有一定量的護髮素,有助於梳理頭髮並幫助防止損壞和斷裂的纏結。如果您有獨立使用護髮素,這點不會是很大問題,但仍然需要注意。


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