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Would swimming pool water damage your hair?

Swimming pool water is normally set to slight alkaline (pH 7.2 ~ 8) as human eyes and mucous membranes are at pH 7.4.

Unfortunately, this is not good for your hair and skin. The optimal pH for your skin and hair is around 5.5 which is slightly acidic.

Prolong exposure of your hair to alkaline, is similar to rendering your hair for a colour treatment! It would open up hair cuticle, making it less elastic and more brittle. Moreover the chlorine in the pool water sucks the natural oils from your hair, leaving them dry, rough, and damaged.

由於人眼和粘膜的 pH 值為 7.4,所以游泳池水通常設置為弱鹼性(pH 7.2 ~ 8)。

不幸的是,這對您的頭髮和皮膚不好。皮膚和頭髮的最佳 pH 值約為 5.5,是微酸性。


You can protect your hair from the swimming pool water which is alkaline and infused with chlorine.

Before plunging into the pool:

-- seal your hair with oil to close up the hair cuticle

-- wet your hair with fresh water such that the hair pore would not have "space" to absorb the chlorine water

After getting out of the pool:

-- immediate rinse with fresh water to get rid of the pool water

-- seal your hair again with oil or conditioner again to close up the hair pores. Jojoba oil would be a good sealing oil.




-- 用油塗抹在頭髮上,保護好角質層表面的毛孔

-- 用清水濕頭髮,讓毛孔沒有多餘“空間”吸收氯水. 荷荷巴油是一種很好的保護油。


-- 立即用清水沖洗頭髮以除去带有氯气的池水

-- 再用油或護髮素封住頭髮角質層表面的毛孔



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