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Your hair changed with colouring?


Yes …. hair is changed with dyes and perms!

是的 …。頭髮會被染料和燙髮改變!

Hair colouring will change your hair structure artificially. Different treatments and formulations made different changes to your hair.

  • Treatment -- Lightening hair colour is more damaging than darkening. Lightening involves bleaching process which forces open the hair cuticle and removes existing colour elements from your hair. Darkening mainly involves coating or injecting a different colour to your hair only.

  • Formulation -- Permanent colour is more damaging than semi-permanent or temporary colouring. Permanent hair dyes use the same oxidisation process as in bleaching, but it doesn’t lift the cuticle and damage the hair to the same degree. Temporary dyes purely coat a new colour onto hair for a short term and wash out after a number of weeks.

What is your situation?


  • 處理 -- 淡化頭髮顏色比加深頭髮顏色更具損害性。美白涉及漂白過程,該過程迫使頭髮角質層打開並從頭髮中去除現有的顏色元素。而變黑主要涉及僅在頭髮上塗抹或註入不同的顏色。

  • 配方 -- 永久性著色比半永久性或短暫性著色更具損害性。永久性染髮劑使用與漂白相同的氧化過程,但它不會提升角質層並對頭髮造成相同程度的傷害。短暫性染料只是在短時間內將新顏色塗在頭髮上,並在數週後洗掉。


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