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Barrier oil protects your coloured hair


When we colour our hair, the hair cuticle would somewhat be damaged to enable the hair dye to penetrate our hair shaft. The extent of damage will depend on the type of colour treatment you selected. In short, the hair cuticle is “opened”.

當我們給頭髮上色時,頭髮的角質層會受到一定程度的損害以使染髮劑能夠滲透到我們的發幹。 損壞的程度將取決於你選擇的染色處理類型。簡而言之,頭髮的角質層被 「打開」。

To minimize colour loss, it is important to seal the opened cuticle. Conditioning your coloured hair after each shampoo is an effective method to achieve that objective. The conditioner will add a protective layer on top of the hair strand to minimize colour loss.

為了儘量減少顏色損失,重要的是要封好打開的角質層。 在每次洗髮後對染色頭髮進行護理是實際的有效方法。 護髮素會在髮絲上增加一個保護層,以減少顏色的流失。

Barrier oils such as shea butter or grapeseed oils are the natural alternative to chemical conditioning agents to achieve this objective. ShamLulu oil-blend sealing conditioner is a good choice.

保護油,如乳木果油或葡萄籽油是化學調理劑的天然替代品,可以實現這一目標。 ShamLulu 油性混合保護護髮素是一個不錯的選擇。


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