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Choice of hair conditioning oils


Each of us has unique issues with our hair and scalp. It is difficult to pick one hair oil that would work for everyone. That is the rationale in which ShamLulu designed its oil-based hair conditioner. Instead of silicone or BTMS chemicals, it used different combinations of natural oils to achieve conditioning effect for different types of hair. The benefits of oils-based conditioning include low build-up, natural shine, prevent rigid and dull hair, and certainly our environment.

我們每個人的頭髮和頭皮都有獨特的問題。 很難挑選一種對所有 人都有效的護髮油。 這就是 ShamLulu 設計其油基護髮素的理由。 它沒有使用矽酮或 BTMS 化學品,而是使用不同的天然油組合來實 現不同類型頭髮的護理效果。 油性護髮素的好處包括低堆積,自 然光澤,防止僵硬和無光澤的頭髮,當然還有保護我們的環境。

ShamLulu offers three different oil blends hair conditioner. One of them must be suitable for your hair !

ShamLulu 提供三種不同的油混合護髮素。 其中一個必適合你的 頭髮 !

80% penetrating oils 滲透油 + 20% barrier oils 保護油

50% penetrating oils 滲透油 + 50% barrier oils 保護油

20% penetrating oils 滲透油 + 80% barrier oils 保護油

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