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Penetrating oils for light and thin hair


Many people with light or thin hair find hair conditioner weighing down their hair. This is particularly the case for silicone-based hair conditioners. One alternative is to use the penetrating hair oils.

許多輕薄或稀疏頭髮的人發現護髮素使他們的頭髮變得沉重。 含矽的護髮素尤其如此。 一種選擇是使用滲透性髮油。

Apart from being more natural, penetrating oils has a smaller particle size and can be easily penetrate the hair cuticle. This will “filled up” the gaps on the cuticle to make your hair strand smooth. But it will not feel oily on thin light weight hair as traditional conditioners. Penetrating oils such as coconut oil or olive oil are the natural options to chemical conditioning agents. ShamLulu oil-blend moisturizing conditioner is a good choice.

除了更自然之外,滲透性油的顆粒 體積更小,可以輕鬆滲透到頭髮的角質層。 這將 "填補 "角質層上 的空隙,使你的髮絲變得光滑。 但它不會像傳統護髮素那樣在輕 薄的頭髮上有油膩感。


ShamLulu 油性混合滋潤護髮素是一個不錯的選擇。


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