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Ways to apply oils to hair


There are generally 3 ways to apply hair oils. Regardless of the method that you choose, need to be cautious not to let the oils clog your hair follicle!

一般來說,有 3 種方法使用髮油。無論你選擇哪種方法,都需要謹慎,不要讓油脂堵塞你的毛囊!

1. Applying oils to dry hair 塗抹在乾頭髮上

It will offer better shine and will get better frizz control, UV and pollution protection. But would be more difficult to spread even and higher chance of making the hair oily


2. Applying oils to wet hair 塗抹在濕頭髮上

It would be less shiny than applying to dry hair. But it has other benefits such as detangling and heat protection before blow drying. Moreover, it is easier to apply, more even throughout all hair strands.


3. Applying oils to scalp 塗抹在頭皮上

After applying oils to scalp, some people wash them away after massage. Some people just leave it on without washing. Some people leave the oil soak on hair and wrapped with a wet towel overnight. Need to be cautious not letting the oils clog your hair follicle!

有些人在塗抹在頭皮上按摩然後把它們 洗掉。 有人也會讓油留在頭髮上, 不洗掉。 有些人會用濕毛巾包塗上油的頭髮浸泡過夜。需要小心不要讓油堵塞你的毛囊!


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