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Leave in vs rinse off conditioner


The objective of conditioners is to DEPOSIT ingredients onto hair to fill up gaps in hair cuticle and to coat the hair with a protective layer.

護髮素的目的是將成分沉積在頭髮上,以填補頭髮角質層的空隙, 並為頭髮披上一層保護層。

The intention of rinse off conditioner is to rinse off most of it, with only a little amount left on the hair shaft. That means “most” of the conditioner will be wasted! One argument for liquid conditioner is the ability to evenly apply the conditioner to all hair strands.

沖洗護髮素會沖掉大部分護髮素,只有少量留在發杆上。 這意味著 「大部分 」護髮素都會被浪費掉。液體護髮素的一個論點是能夠將護髮素均勻地塗抹到所有髮絲上。

As the objective of hair conditioning is to DEPOSIT, there is really no reason to rinse it off if possible. ShamLulu believe that if the conditioner is well formulated with a well thought out application method. Leave-in conditioner can achieve the same results without wasting a drop.

由於護髮素的目的是為了沉積,如果可能的話,真的沒有理由把它 沖洗掉。 ShamLulu 認為,如果護髮素有好的配方,使用方法也考慮周全。 免洗護髮素可以達到同樣的效果而不浪費一滴。

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