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Can you do without conditioner?


Well … Yes and No

嗯...... 可以和不可以

The purpose of conditioner is to “condition” the hair to make it smoother, shinier, easier to manage. If your hair cuticle is well preserved, it will be smooth and shiny. If your scalp is healthy, your natural sebum will nourish your hair and support good hair growth. In this case, there may not be the need for conditioner.

護髮素的目的是 「調節 」頭髮,使其更光滑,更有光澤,更容易管理。 如果頭髮角質層得到很好的保護,它本身會是光滑和有光澤。 如果頭皮是健康的,天然皮脂將滋養頭髮,讓頭髮良好生長。 在這種情況下,可能就不需要護髮素了。

Well, approximately 50% of ShamLulu shampoo customer do not really need conditioner or only need that occasionally ! ShamLulu shampoo is an ultra-mild shampoo that preserve your scalp and maintain hair health. Its real herb content enables direct infusion of water-based and absorbable nutrients for your scalp to prevent premature aging.

好吧,大約50%的 ShamLulu 洗髮水客戶並不真正需要護髮素,或者只是偶爾需要。 ShamLulu 洗髮水是一種超溫和的洗髮水,可以保護你的頭皮和保持頭髮健康。 其真正的草藥成分能夠為您的頭皮直接注入水基和可吸收的營養物質,防止頭皮過早老化。

Give it a try!



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