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Does shampoo bar dry your hair?


Shampoo bars are the love of many people for its plastic free concept. But we received many customers comments saying that their hair become drier and “strange” after changing to shampoo bars. There are a number of possible reasons:

  • shampoo bars are difficult to adjust to a lower than pH 5.5 – this would make hair dry, frizzy and rough

  • shampoo bars added lots of oils –oils will compromise the effectiveness of the cleansing resulting either in “dirty” hair or the need to use more cleansing ingredients

  • shampoo bars added starch or similar ingredient – the objective is to bind the ingredients but the starch or similar ingredients makes the hair feel “strange” and difficult to foam up

ShamLulu is a bottle-less shampoo option without the above concerns.

洗髮皂因其無塑膠概念而受到許多人的喜愛。 但我們收到許多客戶的意見,說他們的頭髮在改用洗髮皂後變得更乾燥和 「奇怪 」。 可能有以下的原因:

  • 洗髮皂難調整到低於 pH 值 5.5 -- 這將使頭髮乾燥、毛躁和粗糙

  • 洗髮皂添加了大量的油 - 油會影響清潔的效果,導致頭髮「髒」或需要使用更多的清洁的原材料

  • 洗髮皂添加澱粉或類似成分 - 目的是結合不同的成分,但澱粉或類似成分使頭髮感覺 「奇怪」,并難以起泡。

ShamLulu 是一種沒有上述顧慮的無瓶裝洗髮水選擇。


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