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Remedy for dry skin


Dry skin results from a lack of oil in the skin or the inability to preserve the natural oil on the skin. Some home remedies for dry skin include:


  • Use warm water and limit bath time 使用溫


  • Use mild fragrance-free non-soap cleansers 使用溫和、無香精、非肥皂的清潔用品

  • Avoid lotions that contain alcohol 避免含有酒精的乳液

  • Moisturize damp skin after bath with natural oils or creams 用天然油或護膚膏滋潤沐浴後濕潤的皮膚

  • Choose fabrics that are kind to your skin 選擇對您的皮膚友善的衣服

  • Cover skin in extreme climates 在極端氣候時要覆蓋皮膚


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